Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday David and I went to Craft Warehouse and wandered around for about an hour. David was ready to wait in the car lol then I asked him to go through the line so he could use one of my coupons. By the time he got out of the monstrous line I still was not done selecting my $20.00 worth of goodies I could get 5.00 off. I ended up with a ribbon punch ( WOHOO awesome project coming soon) for 40% off, 12 catseyes ink regularly 1.99 for $1.00 each, cats eye chalk, 2 different packages of really cute star shapped brads, and hair clips for the girls hair.

The girls got their Christmas dresses yesterday as well. Lilia's is red and with black velvet and Julia's is pink and with black velvet. They are both very excited. Julia asked me right away what kind of hair bow was I making for her dress.

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