Monday, September 13, 2010

Ippity Blog Hop 09/13

I apologize for my lateness,  Sunday was my crafting day, or supposed to be.  I woke up witha sinus headache and decided to take a bath.  I knew I was making pumpkin muffins and sent my youngest to go check how many cubes of butter we had and to place one on the counter to warm up.  DD decided she was none to happy with that and slammed the fridge.  She came back to say we had 2 cubes.  I asked if she remembered to put one out on the counter.  She ran back down the hall to do it.  By this point I am just getting in my nice hot tub.  She screams!,  I call out what is going on?  She doesn't answer!,  argh  I get out of my tub and get wrapped in a towel and go down to the kitchen.  When my dear child slammed the fridge door the first time, she knocked a Pepsi off the shelf so when she opened it this time it fell and burst,  and spun and covered the entire kitchen from waist height down in Pepsi!  Good news is now I have a nice clean kitchen.

while my kids were inside wiping up the soda,  I decided to move my car back in to the driveway and it wouldn't start?!    Oh My goodness  What a day!  Car stayed broken till this morning when it miracously started again!

Paper Stampin Up
Stampin Up punch
Ippity Fall Stamps


NoraAnne said...

Pretty Fall card~I hope you had a better day today!

Angie Blom said...

wonderful card, love the embossing!!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hello Laura,

Thanks for your messages on my blog as well! You say you like my papers, but these are also gorgeous! Wonderful for this fall-card! Love the squares! Pretty!


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