Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ribbon Rings

I have been busy organizing my ribbon with ribbon rings over the last few weeks
first I ordered the set of 90 and used them all and had tons of ribbon left over. The pictures below are or the 90 + 20 or so off the new set of 300 I got. I bought mine at
Batman is helping me out below by holding the bag of them.
I have to say I don't think I have enough orange and yellow lol i couldn't figure out why I didn't have much blue ribbon, and my darling daughter says she might have some in her room, so she goes in and brings back a large handful, I look at her and say wow this is bunch of ribbon why is it in your room, she says well I don't know why. so I ask if that was all and she comes back 2 more times with armfuls.

Still maybe half way done at best, I have boxes and boxes of spools and more loose ribbon in the other room besides this laundry basket full that I am currently working out of lol

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