Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summer in Paris Cartridge

Wow the craft store finally got it in! We had dinenr at the happy Panda next door and got ot go look before we ate to see if they had it yet. My DH offered to let me get the other limited edition cartridges but I wasn't very intersted in them. I can't wait to make the 3-d furniture!

so Design studio broke on my laptop?!?( 2nd time ) so I called provocraft on friday morning. They had me reinstall it completely and it worked??!! but meanwhile the lady asked me if I had registered my cartridges b/c if I didn't register them they couldn't help me if I had a problem. LOL I believed them and yesterday afternoon got out all my cartridges and started registering them. it took forever! but the good news is I found lots of rewards points I hadn't put on my account yet!!

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