Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where is the Sun!

My girls and David on Easter Sunday. Lil is very upset that I made her put on the dress for pictures. She didn't smile the entire 10 mins. she was wearing the dress.

This week has just flown by, between softball, art classes, science classes and dr appointments we have not been home a night this week. Looking forward to the girls going to grandma's house this weekend so we can relax. Sunday is our one year anniversary :)

I have some awesome things to post and lots of projects and other things. my dining room/ photo studio is a tad to dark to take pictures in at night, I managed to blow out 2 light bulbs at the same time in the chandlier in addition to the one out already and now it is really like eating by candle light lol

Softball team is Red thank goodness since I had most of the supplies for red on hand. I have been stitching like mad tying to get the ribbons done in time for opening night (Friday Night). We didn't know what color the team was until Wednesday night! The hardest part is done now so I just have assembling them left.

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